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Analogy Soup: It’s an ADHD Thing

Pisces’ astrological sign is a satirical disaster

Photo by Gregor Moser on Unsplash

The Universe and the Babylonians conspired the most ludicrous satire to have ever existed.

If you’re a Pisces and don’t have ADHD, consider yourself blessed and then write me a note about how not-fucked-up your life is. Seriously, I want to hear about how other people relate with a symbol for ambiguity, contradiction, and frustration. Push-Me-Pull-Yous are perhaps the only other comparable creature to have never existed. Even Ettins and people who are running a three-legged-race face the same direction.

My brain cannot stick to its guns on anything. Tell me something, and I’ll find the contradiction or extrapolate to absurdity. Even if I don’t respond, my brain has, within moments, sliced the concepts behind your words into a million tiny pieces and reformed them in a dozen new ways whether I wanted to or not. I can’t even agree with myself 90% of the time or hold thoughts in one place for more than a few breaths.

Subjectivity and logic are playthings, and I’m a kitten scampering after in a catnip-induced craze.

In all honesty, it’s a good thing I’m a rational being; if I wasn’t prone to logic, I’m pretty sure I’d bring about a cataclysm of one kind or another. What type would only depend on how fast the people with the straight jacket caught onto my lunacy.

Photo by Rafik Wahba on Unsplash

You might think this is all in jest, and I am having fun with this article.

Still, the reality is, my thoughts are sixteen run-away freight trains on a looping twelve-track interchange with no brakes to slow anything down. The switchboard operator staring off into space doesn’t help much either.

These trains collide and then, with a touch of Hollywood magic, reform on the other side without having slowed down.

Part of me wishes my thoughts would slow down, make less noise, and demanded less time, but, then again, the chaos does have a fascinating thrill to all of it.

I am a couple of days away from getting medication to quiet the noise. In fact, Because I lose focus so often, I have a timer that’s about to go off so I can make a necessary call. Perhaps, it will wake up the switchboard operator so he can make a change or two to keep things running smooth for five minutes.




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