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What’s next for net zero?

This morning saw more Just Stop Oil protestors arrested on the M25 — the second day of planned disruption whilst climate leaders meet at COP27. The headlines are clear, choices stark: work together now to cut emissions or condemn future generations to climate catastrophe.

The perfect storm of challenges persists. While consumers tighten their purse strings heading deeper into a winter energy crisis, rising manufacturing costs and the war in Ukraine have laddered up to a laser focus on a fragile energy supply. Disruption to our national leadership and an evolving green agenda has called into question the extent our net zero ambitions remain a priority.

Here’s what our Exchange cross-industry leaders had to say.

This wrap-up barely scratched the surface of the huge topic ‘What’s next for net zero’. A huge thank you to all our attendees for your contributions and insight.

Exchange brings together the brightest and boldest leaders within the Magnetic community. Every session we unpack a timely topic that requires debate, discussion, and collaboration. Topics for the discussion are decided weeks before the event, as we grapple with what’s on the top of our leaders’ agendas. The next Exchange is on the 25th of January 2023. Sign up for the Magnetic newsletter to stay in the loop about future events.

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